Mac Software


Oblique Strategies

this is a mac version of the Oblique Strategies created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt.

download Oblique Strategies 1.0

there is an old windows version located at the bottom of the page


iHerf is an iTunes-style cigar database app, written in Objective C and Cocoa for MacOSX 10.3 and above. The current version is 0.5 and should be considered a beta release. It seems quite stable, but there is added functionality I still want to implement.

download iHerf 0.5


PalmOS Software

all apps are for Palm OS 3.x and higher. strange things may happen on lesser machines.

Theremini 3.2.1

Theremini emulates a theremin using the speaker in Palm devices or by sending out MIDI messages to control external hardware.

While the built-in speaker leaves a bit to be desired, it can be useful for doodling and special effects.

Of more importance is the MIDI output. The messages sent are very configurable.

This is the first realtime MIDI controller for PalmOS, with more features than the Korg KAOS PAD controller.

Theremini is shareware and costs only $10.
if you want to pay by credit card, go to

if you want to pay by check or cash, email me for details.

To build your own Palm MIDI interface, check this out or go to the Handheld-Music homepage.
Prebuilt interfaces can be purchased from miniMusic.
Handspring Visor users may need to build this
To build your own real theremin, check out the Theremax

MIDI Source Code

MIDI source code
Writing a MIDI app for PalmOS? Need some help opening the port and sending messages?
If you program in C, check out the source of the MIDI routines in theremini.
For PalmOS SDK 3.5 and higher. Code should support OS 2.0 and higher.

Yoda & Jedi

Yoda 1.2.1

Yoda gives you Jedi Wisdom as well as answers (like a magic 8 ball).
All quotes are from the movies, including the new one, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
Freeware!! Source included!!

Jedi 1.0.1

Jedi gives you Jedi Wisdom from all the Jedi Masters in the Star Wars movies.
All quotes are from the movies, including the new one, Episode 1: The Phantom Menace.
Freeware!! Source included!!

Windows Software

Oblique Strategies

Oblique Strategies v2.0 (155k)

the oblique strategies are a set of cards designed by brian eno and peter schmidt to help in the creation of music. they consist of short, enigmatical phrases to help a person out of a musical rut. for more info, please see the oblique strategies