moto related videos

i have put up some videos from Gather 2008, at maryhill state park in washington.

first day of the maryhill loops road

second day of the maryhill loops road

at the gather campsite

how many free tyres can i get from Avon?

3 apparently!

  1. june 2005 - needed new rear tire for the bandit. got an avon from trip and sparky in renton.
  2. a week later, it picked up a nail. went back to cycle works to find no trip or sparky. new owner doesnt support the free avon warranty, so i buy a new tire so i can finish teaching class that day! under avons advice, i keep the old tire for later trade in.
  3. after a few months, i pick up another nail, and use the old tire for a free replacement through avon and uhonda.
  4. two weeks later i pick up a big fat construction staple. time for another free tire!
  5. a month later, that tire picks up a big honkin wood screw. new free tire installed just in time for CtS!

moto trips

Glacier 2003 - my friend richard was moving back to maryland from seattle on his moto guzzi. he invited me to ride along with him for a few days, and this is a short report of the trip.

San Diego Trip 2004 - joanna and i took this trip together on the goldwing (RIP). it was a great trip, enjoy the write up!

Chase the Snake 2006 - one of the great WetLeather ride events.


my current bike is a 2001 suzuki bandit 1200.

notice the broken wrist and ankle! not the best day for a test-ride!

i got better! (picture by ted timmons)


before the bandit, i had an 82 honda goldwing, the last of the naked models!

unfortunately, on my first day of summer vacation 2004, i crashed in idaho, 550 miles from home. the goldwing was destroyed, as were parts of me!


my first bike was an 82 yamaha xj550 maxim. it was a great first bike, and i rode it hard for about a year. joanna rode it for a bit, then we sold it. I even had to rebuild it as you can see here.