Glacier 2003

my friend richard was moving back to maryland from seattle on his moto guzzi. he invited me to ride along with him for a few days, and these are pictures of the trip. we stayed together through glacier and then went our different ways. it was my first 'long' trip, with a length of 1400 miles. but as you will see later, the total length should have been 1535 miles.


richard and his '79 guzzi sp3(?), near concrete, wa.


a remote waterfall in the base of the cascades.


terrible photo.



one of my favorite resting spots in the cascades. it a nice big area where the road opens up before winthrop. this is a view looking up....


and this is a view looking down.


at the end of the first day, we stopped in omak at the public campground in the town. this is our camping space.


early the next morning: richard is somewhere in that bag.


turns out we camped right across from the famous omak suicide hill. it is used as a part of a horse race. i have seen a reference that it was also used as a motorcycle hill climb. it looks a bit unforgiving!


we stopped for an afternoon rest in this burned out forest.



after dark, my bike really started overheating. we stopped at a closed gas station to cool it down. as i shot this pic, richard was hunting down a hotel room. we wussed out for the night, and camped in a hotel. we still used our camp stove in the parking lot to make dinner. :)


the next day, we made it to glacier late in the day. we were losing light, so we didnt have too much time.


dont look at this picture, it sucks.


we strapped our helmets to the back, and rode up the road to the sun smoking cigars. that is, right after this cigarette break.


climbling up the continental divide....


many great views, and curves. still climbing.


we got to the big parking lot at the top of the continental divide right about sundown.


lots of snow still sitting around up there, even in june.



a great time of day to be up there. but we still needed to find where to sleep. luckily there are many campgrounds in glacier park. we fell asleep that night drunk on wine and staring at the aurora borealis.


early the next morning, at many glacier. it a rarely seen part of the park, accessible only from the northeast..



what glacier looks like from the southeast.

richard and i split up at this point. he headed east for the next few weeks to arrive in maryland. i thought i would have an uneventful trip back home....


i stopped for a break in a vast landscape on indian land. montana is a very beautiful state.

unfortunately, this was the last photo i took on the trip, even though i still had another day and a half of riding ahead.


after 1400 miles, i was nearly home. as i started to climb the footholls of the cascades on the east side, the bike lost power and started smoking about 135 miles from home. turns out a lack of intake gaskets caused a lean condition that melted a hole in piston number 2. thanks to the kindness of a fellow biker in his truck just a few miles behind me, i was home in time for dinner. the bike didnt run for a few weeks though. :(

all together, it was a great trip. it really cemented the whole motorcycle thing for me, and gave me confidence in going longer distance on a moto (a buzzy yamaha maxim 550 no less). it also gave me valuable experience in rebuilding motorcycle engines. :)