Chase the Snake 2006


I have been trying to make CtS for a couple years now. Finally I had my chance. With new tires, brakes, and rear shock, I had a new bike. I spent the weekend breaking it in, and working on my technique.

spiral highway

On saturday morning, a large group assembled and rode Wawawai canyon road and the spiral highway. There was a bicycle event just winding down, and we were dodging bikes going up and down!

most of the group

these next few shot are an attempt to photograph the entire spiral highway. from left to right.

deer strike!

John Thompsons son-in-law Joe had an encounter with a deer on the way to Elk River for pie. Brett and Gooz were leading the pack, and narrowly escaped getting hit. Joe was third and never saw the deer coming. Steve and Kyle did an admirable job of coming to a stop without becoming part of the carnage. I was in the rear, and saw the entire event, start to finish. I saw a dark object leap into the group, followed by an explosion of plastic and deer parts.

trail of blood. sitting on the ground in the distance is Joe. behind him is the largest chunk of deer.

this pile of guts was the first nasty bit i found. surgical!

the internal organs of the deer were still moving when i got this shot. poor stupid deer!

front view of the bike damage

notice the deer shit and guts all over the radiator. the smell was strong and terrible.

notice the blood on the mirrors and windshield!

Joe looks pretty good for a deer killer. besides being a bit dazed at first, he never seemed too agitated by the event. i would have been freaking out!

gory helmet

his first gear mesh jacket did well in the crash. Joe only suffered a few scrapes.

pants did a little worse, but still did their job. he was scrape-free below the waist. not sure what brand pants these are.

after awhile, all we could do was sit and wait for the truck to arrive. some cold beer made the time pass quicker.

Gooz ponders his own mortality next to the deer.

dinner with the thompsons

adrian, brett, and a bunch of pretty bikes

lots of talk of deer over dinner. no deer was served, although steve still had a bit of jerky stuck to the front of his mille.

the way home

I followed Chris and Lisa Denzler home via the inner passage, between highways 90 and 26. It was a nice route with virtually no traffic. Slower going than the main routes, but alot more fun!

Givi case, Givi case, Coleman cooler. We all have our own ways of packing!

Chris in flavor country: Winona WA.

view from Potholes Reservoir dam: water on one side...

view from Potholes Reservoir dam: ...desert on the other