Circuit Bending

this page documents my efforts at circuit bending, a method of modifying sound-producing toys
and audio circuits that can produce amazing sounds.
cheap toys take on a life of their own. simple circuits sing as never before.

El Grillo

El Grillo (the cricket) is my first major bend. His little black body sings like no earthly cricket. El Grillo was formerly a casio sa-2 keyboard, but has been rebuilt into an aleatoric device, capable of playing by himself for hours. He sings, screams, and belches sound you have never heard.

(sound sample coming soon)


JibberJabber started life as a TI speak&spell, but was recently transformed into a gibbering fool! He goes on and on, talking nonsense on the edge of understanding.

New controls include:
jib - single bit of nonsense for each button press.
jab - continuous nonsense.
klang - strange capturing of bell-like tones from the middle of words.
looper - loops the same fragment of speech, works well with the klang button.
feeding - vary battery voltage to make him cry for more.

sound sample: this is a single take, testing the sounds of the jibberjabber, running through my (pre-bent) delay pedal.

DOD digital delay

This digital delay pedal (dfx9) from DOD has had two internal pots brought to the surface. The first pot controls the number of repeats, from no repeat to extreme, never-ending feedback repeating. The second pot controls the clock, from super-slow to super-fast.

sound sample: this is produced from multiple takes edited together. The source is my (newly defretted) electric bass.

passive ring mod


Bend your TV!

the anti-theory workshop, original home of circuit bending
check out this site! home of the father of circuit bending, Reed Ghazala. Anti-Theory also hosts a great circuit bending howto.

Dave Wright's amazing carrionsound collection of musical devices.

Want to communicate with other benders? check the benders list.